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About: The Runes of Luke

Luke trained as an actor at the Italia Conti stage school in London.

As well as being madly passionate about all things performative, he has always harboured a deep and profound love of words.

He is a professionally trained English teacher that taught in secondary schools, in deprived areas of Yorkshire, for six years.  He is now a one-to-one tutor of English, hell-bent on imparting his love of linguistics to our next generation of writers, poets, and wordsmiths.

Luke's poetry became critically important to him as a vehicle for gaining perspective on the kinds of hardships that so many of us face.  He suffered though a divorce; struggled with severe stress and anxiety; battled bouts of depression; fought persistent flirtations with alcohol abuse.  There was a night in the cells.  A driving ban.  Self-harm.

There was a night that for a moment might have been his last.

But, without prejudice or judgement, words were always there for him.

And so he chose to embrace them.  Marry them to his performance skills, his training, his expertise.


With, the entire journey, as he moves forward, will be chronicled.

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