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"an inferno of expressive excellence"
"captivated by every word"
"it's close to magic"

Lemsley's Loosely Tethered Venom: Volume 1 (Collected poems 2017-2020) is Luke's first official collection of poetry. From some of his very earliest writings, before he realised his passion for poetry, through a selection of his acclaimed spoken word pieces, Loosely Tethered Venom is a no-holds barred, raw, and at times brutal poetic exploration of mental health awareness, 'love-gone-wrong', anti-establishment vitriol, and dark humour, to name but a few of the themes Luke ruthlessly tackles.  CLICK THE COVER FOR LINKS TO THE E-BOOK AND PAPERBACK VERSIONS!

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When Steele City policeman, Thomas King, first meets Evie Mills and her two-year old son, Bobby, it isn't long before the boundaries between duty and obsession become blurred.  
Whilst King tries to build a case against Evie's abusive and dangerously unstable husband, he must also negotiate the scrutiny of a suspicious and hostile superintendent.
As the situation reaches boiling point, King finds himself in the crosshairs of a violent criminal underworld and a corrupt police hierarchy.
However, his enemies have no idea what they are up against.
When King's dark history and ruthless ability to take the law into his own hands comes to light, nobody is safe.
As the story races to its cataclysmic conclusion, it becomes clear that in Steele, the rot goes right to the core. CLICK THE COVER TO GO TO THE E-BOOK!

"I've never had a twist as unexpected as this... It shook me right to the core."

"A fantastic first novel... I look forward to the next one."

"An enthralling read and one I couldn't put down."

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