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The Sixth Realm

The Sixth Realm will grow, organically - with readers' input - into Luke's magnum opus.  Based on a large and staggeringly detailed hand-drawn map he created years ago, consider The Sixth Realm Luke's Middle Earth.  The world is currently growing in the from of Petrarchan sonnets: weekly instalments drop on Instagram (@l_3_m_s_l_3_y)!  A short story The Festival of the Burning Crab will be available later this year.  As the adventure develops, Luke will be taking suggestions and thoughts from the readers to help shape the next stages of the narrative... Don't be shy: come get involved!


Stay tuned for snippets of Luke's poetry, posted here each week!


If snippets aren't enough and you fancy a binge, head over to Instagram: @l_3_m_s_l_3_y .  Enjoy!

The Weekly Poem

"Outside a Cafe" by Lemsley
"A Call to Arts" by Lemsley
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